Thursday, 4 February 2016

Bug Hotel Liquid Exercise

As regulars will know, I've taken to having a 4 mile walk into Yate and back every morning for a bit of exercise and reduce the winter plumage. I always take a rucksack with me in case I come across something interesting in one of the charity shops, or need a bit of food shopping. Carrying something back also gives me some additional exercise.

Overheard yesterday:

We have a really huge Christmas tree in the garden which regularly sheds baskets full of cones around this time of year - a neighbour planted his live Christmas tree there decades ago on 12th Night. I collected about 20 cones to dry on the mantlepiece and use as kindling for the wood burner - they burn like napalm. Hay has taken it into her head that they can be turned into bug hotels in the garden, but I must be missing something. Surely, as they can be used for weather forecasting, if it gets wet the pinecones will close up and squish the bugs?

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