Thursday, 11 February 2016

Publicly Incommoded Seniors

Well, we've all been there: you're in a public loo and the paper dispenser is one of those big, round ones where the paper comes out of a hole which is just smaller than your hand; after pulling off the first wodge of paper, the end of the roll disappears up the dispenser hole and you can't reach it; mild panic sets in as you wonder whether you can get to the next cubicle with your trousers round your ankles (and without tripping over) before anyone else comes into the loo...

Saw an advert yesterday for British Seniors. It's a savings plan to ensure your kids don't have to foot your funeral bills. Sorry, that's not my problem to solve - if they want any of what's left after Hay and I have spent it all, then the least my kids can do is to dispose of our corpses.

1 comment:

  1. Tell your kids you're going to be stuffed and hung in the hallway; pretty sure they'll make an effort to save a few quid then..