Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My New Fad

I have a new fad. Forget the drone - it's been languishing on the sideboard for over a month now. Here's my new hobby...

To be honest, if you're considering having a go, don't bother with the book - it's far too complex and advanced. Just look up some YouTube tutorials, of which there are hundreds. The ball I got is 70mm, but I've just ordered a 100mm ball, as they have more inertia and are better suited to the illusions.

Take a look at this:

Anyone remember David Bowie in Labyrinth? He didn't juggle the ball himself - there was a guy stood behind him.


  1. I can imagine the nutty alternative healing merchants promoting this as The Ergo-Dynamic Therapy Healing Balls, a different coloured ball for each chakra and skilfully manipulated by a fully trained Chunga Rei Kist for £100 a go ?

    1. I'd have a go, if I didn't keep dropping the bloody ball...