Saturday, 1 April 2023


Took delivery of the ash slab yesterday and it's going to need quite a bit of drying before I attempt to level and sand it.

It's slightly bowed upwards, as expected, and is going to need a special tool to level it. At least that's what I've told Hay (I gave her an estimate of least £500 worth of tools....).

I did have the idea of building a cofferdam around the edge and filling it with clear epoxy resin so that the resin self-levels but, given the allergy I developed to epoxy, that's not too bright an idea. It wouldn't look right anyway.

Here are some ideas on how to accomplish it. It certainly isn't going to be a quick job.

Here's a video of a method I may try.

It will be my version of levelling up.

It's 2.5m in length, but we only really need it to be about 2m. As it dries out, it could develop some nice shakes (aka splits) at the ends, but there again, it could develop some rather nasty ones too. This is why I want it bone dry before shortening it, so as to give me options on where to shorten it.

If only I had a 1m wide plane running on rails.

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