Friday, 20 May 2011

Apology for Cut Price Children's Votes


Chairman Bill wishes to issue an abject apology to Man Utd. and Man City fans.

Last week, the Chairman erroneously reported that Man Utd. Had won the FA Cup a record 19 times; it was in fact the League Cup (the Chairman is not sure of the difference). Man City won the FA Cup (he thinks, but can’t be sure and certainly can’t be arsed to do any research to verify this as it’s totally irrelevant in the global scale of things).

What‘s the Price?

Apparently foreign children are being sold on the streets in England for £16,000.

I want to know how the government has allowed this disgusting state of affairs to come about in the UK when I know for a fact they are cheaper on the continent. Yet another case of rip-off Britain?

I also want to know is how much English kids fetch abroad? What with 4 kids, I could be on a winner.

Ken Ckarke

Ref the Ken Clarke debate on sentence remission for admitting guilt in rape cases.

If the rate of conviction for rape is just 6% and one is offered a half sentence for admitting guilt, then unless one is almost 100% certain of being convicted, the odds very definitely favour denying guilt, even if guilty. Ergo, at face value, this initiative is a total waste of time until such time as conviction rates improve.

However, what is little known is that once a rape case reaches the courts, almost 60% of defendants are convicted – a rate higher than for some other violent attacks. This information, however, is not articulated by the government and we keep hearing only the 6% figure, which is actually the conviction rate of total reported complaints – a ratio not used in any other crimes.

It can be strongly argued that the promulgation of the totally erroneous 6% rate actually puts women off making a complaint in the first place.

Voting Preference

Have you noticed that there is a large swathe of the voting public that persistently votes for a certain party, regardless of the policies on offer?

There are dyed in the wool Tories, Labour supporters and LibDems, and come what may, they will always vote the same dogmatic way – even if they disagree with most of the policies of the party they are voting for.

You may have noted that I am wont to take a swipe at all parties, although I have to say that find the current crop of Tories quite abhorrent. As for Milliband Minor – the sooner Labour is shot of him and gets Milliband Major into the leadership position, the better. Clogg is an out-and-out opportunist, and I think he’s finally realised that he has won no favours by cosying up to the Tories, as most LibDem voters are slightly disaffected Labour supporters.

Before the age of 40 I voted like an automaton or drone - I simply didn’t think about it. When I reached 40 I had an epiphany and ceased voting according to my perceived class, or the manner in which my parents had always voted; I started to actually look at the policies in an intelligent and critical manner before voting. I also developed a social conscience, which had been entirely missing in my youth.

I have since voted for all three major parties in various general and local elections, based on whether I thought the policies were;

1. Fair to all members of society, and
2. Good for the country as a whole (or region, in the case of local elections),

and not whether they were beneficial to me in particular. I wish more people were less dogmatic about ideological party support and didn’t listen to partisan newspaper editors.

Cutbacks Bite

The cutbacks are really starting to hurt the middle classes now and the situation is best reflected on Freecycle.

The number of WANTED adverts has gone through the roof recently and just the other week a saw one member asking for a BMW of all things. Not just an old car, but a bloody BMW! That takes balls. Lady Aga is slumming it…

It’s probably down to masses of people being plunged into debt through buying tickets for the Olympics. But it will be alright, ‘cos you can bet they’ll be selling them again on eBay just as soon as they know what tickets they have bought.

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