Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Educating Kate

Royal Honeymoon Destination Revealed

After having spotted a heavily disguised Duke and Duchess, Chairman Bill can reveal that the honeymoon destination of William and Kate is indeed – as long expected - Old Sodbury.

Bill swears he saw a woman resembling Kate rummaging through the racks in the St Peter’s Hospice charity shop on the High Street, while William was seen downing a pint of Old Bob in the George.

The couple gave Chairman Bill £1 for a copy of the Big Issue as they wandered past the local Spar shop.

The glare of the media spotlight will now focus on Old Sodbury with this royal scoop. Paparazzi have already been seen cruising along Horse Street (OK, it was a lone Japanese tourist, but more are sure to follow).

Bill will be setting up a stall on the High Street selling high quality figurines of the royal couple, lovingly hand crafted from local organic cow dung and sun-baked. These will also be available by mail-order – Royal Mail, of course.

Education a Bit Rich?

On a more serious note.

On the one hand it has been proposed by Two Brains Willetts that rich parents could buy their kids place at university, with the quid pro quo being that the revenue so gathered would fund more places for kids from poorer families.

Despite the initial knee-jerk reactions from the left (and it being immediately pulled by Cameron), this is all very laudable – a kind of Robin Hood policy. After all, it happens in health, as all private doctors have to devote a proportion of their time to the NHS.

However, on the other hand we would end up with the job market contaminated by graduates who had flunked the path of academic merit at 18, competing for jobs with probably more deserving graduates who got there through their own efforts. That is eminently not fair.


  1. On the buying places at University - this has been happening for centuries hasn't it? It's what Oxford and Cambridge are all about. After all didn't Liz and Phil's kids go to University. Need I say more.

  2. Alan: As far as I was concerned, access to Oxbridge is on academic merit - except for royalty.

    I don't think any of the Queen's kids have degrees - not real ones anyway, just bare passes.