Friday, 13 May 2011

What Was Happening With Blogger?

Religion is Official

Malaysia has confirmed it will not change its official state religion from Islam.

What the hell is the purpose of a state religion?

If its purpose is to form the basis for a country’s justice system, isn’t it about time that the notion of justice was severed from a belief in a particular sky god whose existence in unproven at best? Justice should be general, not particular.

Having said that, our interpretation of what constitutes justice seems to be diverging from the notion of what is ethical, as evidenced by those MPs who stole from us through fraudulent expense claims not having apparently done anything illegal (indeed, one has just admitted to a ‘mistake’ in parliament, rather than a fraud – a bit ironic when his name is Laws. His so-called ‘punishment’ is a week’s holiday).

It’s also evidenced by the hand-wringing over whether the invasion of Iraq was legal or illegal, or indeed whether it was legal or illegal to shoot bin Laden. No-one seems to be giving any attention as to whether either of these events was ethically justified, for law, as we all know, is in the pay of the powerful and in many instances, sir, an ass (along with some of its practitioners).

Network Rail Sets Positive Precedent for Criminals

Talking of which, Network rail has been fined £3m for the Potters Bar rail crash, which happened nearly 10 years ago.

At that rate, I could climb into my car today, mow down an entire bus queue and then go merrily about my business while it took the British legal system 10 years to get my case to court.

I’d also get away with a small fine (which I’ll add on to my salary) and no jail sentence.

Flowing the ruling, Network Rail said it was "truly sorry". An organisation cannot be sorry – it’s not bloody well sentient! Only people can say sorry, and those people responsible should be locked up as a public menace, never to be in charge of the safety of anything ever again.

Irish Determined Never to Host Eurovision Again

Ireland has safely continued its plan to never again host another Eurovision Song Contest by selecting Jedward as its entry for this year’s contest.

BA Staff Desperate For Something Else to Moan About

BA cabin staff, who appear myopically determined to destroy their company and their jobs, have apparently agreed a revised offer by BA. It’s probably no more than another 1p on their salary, which, given that the combined intellectual might of Unite and the BA cabin staff is the same as that of a 3 day old chimp, has probably escaped their attention.

For some inexplicable reason, BA seemed quite confident that the cabin staff would accept the revised offer when it was made. It is Chairman Bill’s firm opinion that Unite will eventually come back with some other spurious complaint, like cabin staff needing free toilet paper, just so they can drag the dispute out by another decade and justify their hideously overinflated salaries.

Little & Large

Is it not a tad disingenuous for the Tory party to favour, on the one hand, small government (through their Big Society initiative), and on the other hand to favour their pals in big business (who are their paymasters)?

To be consistent they should favour small government and small business, or big government and big business. To do otherwise is crass hypocrisy and an intellectual fraud on par with claiming AV is complex.

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