Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Debt and the Chairman's Full Confidence in Trump

Chairman Bill Solves National Debt

As a nation we owe some impossibly enormous amount to someone. I’m not sure who, as the money was given to the banks to bail them out – so who the hell did we actually borrow it from?

Anyway, we need to pay off this debt without occasioning cuts, which in themselves drive us into a bad place where few have work.

The solution is obviously to sell something we no longer need. Let’s sell Scotland to the SNP!

Simples, as they say.

The Prime Minister’s Full Confidence

It has been announced that David Cameron has full confidence in Chris Huhne.

That’s code. When any politician says that, it invariably ends with the person in question being swiftly dumped.

Donald Trump Upsets Chairman Bill

US tycoon Donald Trump says he will not be running for the US presidency in 2012, ending weeks of speculation.

Chairman Bill is rather upset about this, as he was looking forward to having a good laugh.

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  1. Doesn't Scotland belong to Donald Trump? You'd have thought someone in his predicament wouldn't have invested in a country that's so windy...