Saturday, 7 May 2011

Innumerate Bins

Innumerate Electorate

Well, the propaganda of the No campaign has won the day – either that or the electorate is more stupid, as a whole, than I previously thought possible. Probably the latter.

How anyone can argue that a voting system used in every popularity contest on TV is inherently unfair is beyond me. How anyone can think it difficult and complex to number preferences illustrates the general lack of intelligence of the populace. I suppose asking the electorate to count beyond 2 is asking a bit too much though.

Or is it, once more, just a fear of change, despite the change manifestly being for the better?

I would ask anyone who voted No to explain their reasoning and logic – if they can!

Osama bin Laden

We all knew it wouldn’t be long before they started. Here are just three that graced the Chairman's inbox in the last few days:

Photo of the proof of bin Laden’s death.

Puts a whole new meaning on the phrase, ‘to take out the bins’.

“Bartender, I'll have a Bin Laden."
"What's that?"
"Two shots and a splash of water.”

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