Monday, 2 May 2011

Wedding Analysis II - The Photos

Now the photos are in the public domain, here are a few more observations.

Kate’s brother (allegedly). Has anyone checked to see whether he’s actually one of Gaddafi’s sons? Does he have a British birth certificate? Looks Libyan to me.

Why is it that Michael Jackson got it in the neck for swinging a kid from a balcony, whereas Prince Charles can seem to get away with it.

Harry & Pippa to become an item? Duchess or banker’s wife – banker’s wife or duchess? Mmmm – a difficult decision.

I don’t think Rose McGowan should have turned up at the Abbey in THAT dress.

Late News

US special forces have found and killed Bin Laden.

Had the US asked for the assistance of the UK tax authorities, Bin Laden would have been found years ago.


  1. Bin Laden : It's his own fault for breaking cover in order to come to the Royal Wedding.

  2. What on earth was that? you can't call that a dress! If that was me I would ask for my money back and pop in to M&S and get a real dress.

    Very funny Alan! See a English Royal Wedding brings out the best in people and the worst dress sense :-)

    Another great posting Sir Bill

  3. Alan: He was going to come, but heard there were sausage rolls at the reception.

    JF: I quite like it, actually. Bit draughty though and you'd need factor 20 sun screen.

  4. Not so much a dress, more a ladder in a body stocking!

  5. Great comments as always with your photos, as for the dress, hmmm appears more like jewelry and she forgot the dress completely! Awesome photos really!

  6. I noticed when watching the TV news on Friday that there were no reports of any fighting in Libya, so maybe everybody was having a street party in Tripoli or watching on TV.

  7. Fabulous, and can I ask you CB, how you get the likey thingie for Facebook? Merci mille - My best to the bold Hay x