Monday, 9 May 2011

Back to the Grindstone

Chairman Bill's posts will become a bit irregular from the 16th May, as from that date he will be once more fully employed.

They do say that the average time between redundancy and securing another position is around six months; well that's just about spot on this time.

They also say that when you get to the Chairman's age and lose your job, the only way is down. The Chairman is glad to report that he has bucked the trend, having secured a better position than his previous one, as well as being much better paid.

The Chairman's recent trip to the Middle East was a resounding success - although his daily commute will be quite tough.

It's an ill wind.....etc.


  1. Well done, CB, and good for you!

    Keep us posted as much as you can

  2. Can't decide whether you are the new leader of al-Qaeda or the new Minister of Health (or perhaps they are two of the same thing). Congratulations anyway.

  3. Well done Chair! I did the same ;-)