Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Bonfire Gumboots

I wasn't put off by the blow-back from the bonfire and my hair being singed off last month - we had another on Saturday, and it burned for two whole days - and a bit. These were the last remnants that were disposed of on Sunday, which finally burned out on yesterday afternoon, just before the rain came.

We were going to use the logs as bug hotels, but they're a bit on the large side and will take ages to rot a bit.

It has taken Hay over a week to get her new, high-fashion gardening boots delivered. 2 failed attempts at delivery and then at least a dozen calls to the courier company, who say on their answerphone message that they're open 7am to 7pm weekdays. Needless to say, no-one mans the phone at any time of the day and she was lucky to get through after the 12th attempt.

I think she could go out shopping or for a meal in those.

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