Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Instruction Manual

The Chairman had bought a £14.99 shoe rack from Lidl for No.1 Son's room in a forlorn attempt to persuade him to not use the floor as a dumping ground, especially as he's complaining his room is cold and seems intellectually challenged by the concept of the amount of clutter on the floor being inversely proportional to the heat generated by the underfloor heating.

Chairman: "Bloody instruction manual - might as well be written in Chinese. Bugger that - it can't be that hard to put up."

Hay: "You should use the instruction manual."

Chairman: "Good God, woman, I'm a man. I don't need an instruction manual for a blasted shoe rack. Disassembling the Merc's engine, perhaps, but not for a shoe rack."

Every man needs a woman to stand by his side offering helpful comments, such as; "That doesn't look right," or; "Are you sure that goes there?" It really helps.

I only had to take it apart once, due to a misplaced corner piece. Anyone who hadn't read the instructions would have made the same mistake.


  1. There is nothing like a challenge, I used to loose the meccano manual for the same reason :)

  2. I build working clocks in Meccano

  3. I build working clocks in Meccano