Thursday, 26 March 2015

Portishead Containerised Bed Ghosts

Overheard at Portishead Marina:

Chairman: "See that registration number on the parked car?"

Hay: "No, I can't."

Chairman: "You must be able to...... Oh, no you can't from where you're standing."

Hay (in a voice crawling with sarcasm): "I just said I couldn't for a laugh!"

As you will guess from the above exchange, we went to have a peek at Portishead Marina on the way back from Hay collecting some work related stuff from Clevedon. Hideous place filled with high-rise yuppie flats. A bit like Docklands, but without the soul.

Did see one interesting thing - a restaurant incorporating some redundant shipping containers into the design.

Check out the writing on the wall.

How do you put the cover on your duvet? I prefer the inside-out bed ghost method, as Hay calls it. She took this flattering snap of me last night while I was putting the cover on.

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