Monday, 16 March 2015

Overheard on a Sunday

Overheard while reading the Sunday papers:

Hay: "I see they're selling tinted moisturiser for men for the no-makeup-makeup look. Would you try it?"

Chairman: "It would be a cold day in hell before I did."

Overheard while watching Poldark:

Chairman: "I can't believe how much that bloke who plays Ross Poldark looks like me."

Hay: "you have a head, two arms and two legs; the resemblance finishes there. You look more like Poldark's servant, Judd."


Seafaring Captain to Verity Poldark: "Are you interested in rigging, Miss Poldark?"

Chairman: "Now, as a seafaring type myself, I can spot a euphemism  a mile off."


  1. That's a ropey euphemism if ever I heard one..

    1. He was probably 3 sheets to the wind when he said it.