Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Expensive Water

Overheard in the kitchen:

Hay: "Why do you always wipe your hands on your trousers? They're always grubby."

Chairman: "I wipe my hands on my apron!"

Hay: "But you're not wearing an apron."

Chairman: "Whatever I happen to be wearing at the time is my apron.....and my overalls."

Spotted this in a magazine yesterday:

Seems they take spring water, which contains electrolytes, boil it and distill the steam, thus removing all the electrolytes, and then bung some electrolytes back into it.

Seems a lot of work and money to achieve the same result as just bottling the spring water in the first place. No doubt some mugs will fall for it. Even the mere words Smart Water smacks a bit of woo-woo homeopathy.

The advert says; "Inspired by the clouds," inspired by money, more like.

Don't like the new BBC News website. You can't see all the news at a glance and it appears geared to video clips, rather than the written word. The BBC says it's designed for cross-platform use, rather than just laptops. Designed for kids, if you ask me. I think I'll be looking for an alternative news source.