Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Facebook Far Rght

I've seen rather a lot of distasteful far right adverts on Facebook of late from organisations like Britain First and the English Democrats. Here are a few examples:

It's curious they're focusing on the burqa. They don't say, for example, ban the dreds, ban the Sikh turban or ban the sari. All those are symbols of an alien culture, yet the focus is exclusively on Muslims. The far right talking about tolerance is just pure hypocrisy on a monumental scale.

I'm in two minds about the burqa. If it's enforced on a woman with her not having any say in the matter, then I'm dead set against it. If she wants to wear it, then what's the problem? Even in Israel Muslim women are not banned from wearing the burqa. In fact, there are even some Jewish sects among whom it's common for women to wear a full covering.

This one is a bit of a laugh considering the protests about pro and anti hunting. There's a whole swathe of English people who have no qualms whatsoever about seeing animals ripped apart for sport.

These adverts are are pure demagoguery and designed for one purpose - to intimidate.

There was an interesting program on TV the other night by Trevor Phillips. A lot of sense was spoken about segregation and race relations. He's admitted he got it wrong by virtue of the PC pendulum having swung too far, and the far right is now taking advantage of it. One interesting comment was that if left to their own devices, any people will tend to coalesce around other people of a similar identity - the Brits abroad are themselves a prime example.

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