Monday, 9 March 2015

Three Legged Springer Cattle

Danny is a local farmer who was at school with Hay and we used him and his heavy equipment recently to level the house foundations spoil tump in the field.

When Danny was doing the leveling he had two dogs running around, an elderly Jack Russell and a totally daft springer spaniel that was just a coiled spring of boundless energy.

We were saddened to hear Danny had accidentally run over the springer, the 2nd dog he's managed to run over in his farming life. Apparently it's a common occurrence among farmers. The springer now has 3 legs and the money we paid Danny to level the field was all used in vet's bills.

While talking of farmers, scientists in China have bred a strain of Frisian cattle that are resistant to low levels of bovine TB. This was achieved by giving them a gene from a mouse, but does that mean we can expect to see cats all over the country stalking cows in search of a large meal?

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