Monday, 2 March 2015

Death & Artificial Intelligence


Hay: "When you die, I'd like you buried at the local church."

Chairman: "When I die you could put me in a care home. They way they seem to treat people these days, they probably wouldn't even twig I was dead for six months."

Hay: "If you were to die at home I probably wouldn't notice - you'd be in your usual place, slumped at your computer for several weeks."

Chairman: "Yes, but I'd start to ming after a while, which would be a bit of a give away."

Hay: "Not so as I'd notice - it would be the same old smell as you have now."

Later - the Chairman is doing the Artificial Intelligence thing (washing the dishes):

Hay: "Have you thrown the hot water away?"

Chairman: "Yes - why?"

Hay: "You haven't washed the gravy jug."

Chairman: "What gravy jug?"

Hay: "The one sitting right under your nose, next to the sink."

Chairman: "Ah, that one......"

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