Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cat Budget Jobs

Heard some stuff about the budget on the news last night. Shouldn't be allowed this close to an election - most of the promises only take effect well after another government may have come in anyway, so it's pure electioneering.

I think I can honestly say that no budget has ever affected me in a way such as I'd notice, so it's a bit pointless even thinking about it. The withdrawal of tax relied on mortgages many decades ago might be the only one that concerned me, but I don't believe the effect was all that noticeable in the final analysis.

Just out of interest I went to the BBC budget calculator and worked our how much I'd gain, and it's £187 a year. See what I mean? That's nowhere near enough to buy my vote.

Kitty has has eye problems over the last few weeks - Hay thinks she may be allergic to cats.

We were talking about real jobs the other day. Being a doctor or a nurse - now that's a real job. Laywers? No, they only exist because we can't trust each other and is a sad indictment on the human condition. In a way the police are in the same pot as the lawyers. Teachers? Certainly a real job, also engineers and firemen. Artists and writers, no - they make our lives more enjoyable, but not a real job.

I would hesitate to call my own job (sales) a real job too.

What would you include in your list of real jobs?


  1. I do make things that didn't exist before which some might say is "real", but it's software which is a little bit slippery in the reality stakes and it's for sales people; so I'm probably doomed to be labelled a fraud as well.

    1. And did you spot the deliberate typo?

    2. And did you spot the deliberate typo?

    3. Chairman - you seem to have developed a nasty stutter?

      No, I don't mean vapourware I mean most people haven't a clue what it is.. (which is frustrating considering how bloody hard and time consuming it is to make it!)