Sunday, 17 May 2015

Barnfield Towers

Overheard in the restaurant:

We are discussing sensation.

Chairman: "Is your experience of say red the same as mine? I'd say yes, as we as a species have the same thoughts about contrasting and complimenting colours.  .....except ginger people. I mean, where did their obsession with purple come from?"

Hay: "How about synesthesia?"

Chairman: "I have no problem with same sex marriage."

Overheard later while talking about maca powder (allegedly provides relief from menopausal sweats):

Hay: "I've been doing some research on this maca powder stuff, seems there are different strengths - there's white, red and black."

Chairman: "I guess the Moroccan Black is the best psychoactive stuff that all the ladies do in the clubs. What's the street price for Afghan Red?"

Overheard this morning:

Hay: "What do you want to do today, Badger?"

Chairman: "Some jobbies."

Hay: "Not in the house please."

When building the house we purchased a £1,000 modular, snap-on scaffold tower for Colin, our builder, to use. On finishing we lent it permanently to Colin, and very grateful he was too. What with doing all this oak window renovation, I needed to get up to the upper floor windows and I certainly wasn't going to perform sanding and oiling from a ladder.

Having just completed his latest project, Colin brought the tower round on Thursday evening and I commenced to erect it on Friday evening. It was so simple and I could do it myself. Managed to do one small window and the entire west face on Saturday. Best £1,000 I've ever spent. Every man needs a modular, snap-on scaffold tower, so go out and buy one today! Lidl need to do a 'special' on them.

This photo shows it with just 2 sections - there are 3, so I could easily get right to the top of the house.

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