Saturday, 16 May 2015

Manual Trousers in Iceland

Apparently when you get to Iceland (the country, not the shop with frozen crap that very poor people eat) you can get a phrase book. As with other phrase books, it contains useful phrases. Unlike other phrase books I am led to believe it also contains useless phrases. These include:

  1. Where is the train station?
  2. The weather is nice day today, and
  3. Is there anything cheaper?
Believe it or not, Iceland has no railways.

Decided to give all my manual shorts and trousers to the charity shop yesterday. A  bit like manual cars, I think manual trousers are an anachronistic nuisance. God wouldn't have made zips if he thought men's trousers should have button flies in perpetuity. It's automatic trousers and shorts for me from now on.


  1. I'd sooner loose a button than have a zip break mate :)

  2. Your zip automatically goes up and down!!! Now that is what I call technology. Can you control it from your Apple watch?