Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Leadership Linseed

I do wish the BBC news site would get its act together on facts. There was an article yesterday on David Miliband criticising his brother's leadership, which ended by saying Miliband Senior could not be the next leader as he's not an MP. Well, in that case, how the hell did Farage become (and remain) the leader of UKIP - he neither was nor is an MP? A party leader does not have to be an MP, else how would any party start off?

What would be a bit difficult is PM's Questions - wouldn't be much fun with the leader of the opposition not being there, as only MPs are allowed to sit in the Commons. The usual solution is to ask a backbencher with a decent majority to fall on his sword, accept a peerage and initiate a by election, whereby the new party leader is is shooed-in.

Been doing some window renovation, The stuff the oak windows came painted in has not stood up to even 2 years of weather. God alone knows what it was, but I've been busy sanding it down and wiping the wood with good old boiled linseed oil.



We used to use linseed oil on the doors to the accommodation on the ships I sailed on. They were made of teak and prey to all weathers, including salt spray. We would rub them down with wads of canvass and sand from a bucket, with the addition of some caustic solution to help remove any staining, then 3 coats of boiled linseed oil (rub down the 1st coat with some fine wire wool to ensure a smooth finish) would seal them for 2 years at the very least - bearing in mind they had to put up with a lot more than 2 English summers and winters.

Another benefit of boiled linseed oil is that it's as cheap as chips compared to other wood finishes and preservatives (around £20 for 5L, which will easily do a whole house) and can be wiped on with a rag.

Sometimes the old solutions are best.

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