Thursday, 7 May 2015

Gadget Woman (and Man) on a Windsor FlipBoard

Overheard in the kitchen:

Hay: "That Nespresso machine has to go. I'm not a gadget person..... although I love my NutriBullet."

Yesterday I suggested a kale, celery and whisky NutriBullet smoothie. Hay thought it was diverging somewhat from the overall aim of the regime.

Heard some younger people on TV last night complaining that politics and the election don't connect with them. Christ - what are we voting about? The economy, Europe, public services and specifically the NHS, jobs. What these young people are saying is that they are too thick to understand the very issues that affect them on a daily basis!

I heard someone say they're voting for Status Quo. Never knew they had a political party - probably just got 3 policies.

Bloody Samuel Windsor! Just because I bought some shoes off them 3 years ago they now inundate me with junk mail. Not satisfied with sending me 2 brochures, they even sent one to Hay.

Hits on the blog went stratospheric yesterday - must have been something to do with the keywords Nespresso, NutriBullet and e-cigarette all appearing at once.

Talking of gadgets, about a month ago I switched from my old e-cigarette to one of the newfangled jobbies with a huge tank and a battery that's more like a mobile phone charger.

The one on the left was bought first, but I was lucky to get a full day from it. Bought the battery on the right a few days later and I can get nearly 2 full days from it. The woman in the shop said she got about 3 days from the smaller battery and over a week from the larger one. Obviously she's not that serious about her nicotine addiction. Given the charger is a normal mini-USB phone charger, you'd think they'd add a USB port to the battery pack so you could use it as a phone charger in an emergency.

Totally given up on the BBC News website - too much like hard work trying to find actual news, as opposed to tittle-tattle and sleb gossip. I recently switched to FlipBoard, and it's wonderful.

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