Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pedal Cars on Roads

Just saw a headline in the Sunday Times saying; "One in three 11 year-olds will fail new tests." I thought one of the political parties had spawned a proposal that 11 year-olds be allowed to drive cars...

Another good headline: Ajockalypse Now!

The new royal baby - Chenise? Chantelle?


  1. There's never been a Princess Dora as far as I know, so I have texted Will with the suggestion. I say that you should test everybody under the age of 60 annually - test them for everything - IQ, driving, nits, political correctness - the lot. Once they get over the age of 60 you just need to check whether they are still breathing.

  2. Franziska, Erdmuthe or Lorely.

  3. Thank you Alan. As an over seventy man, let me assure you that it is the mental & physical health of journalists that need to regularly tested.