Monday, 11 May 2015

Kingfisher Hot Flushes

Took this on our morning walk around Chipping Sodbury. Look very hard in the middle of the photo and you'll see a kingfisher sitting on a stick over the water.

Hay heard about maca powder, which allegedly combats the hot flushes associated with menopause. The effects seem to be entirely apocryphal, but being the scientist she is, she decided to give it a try and has ordered some from t'internet.

Maca powder is the ground root of some native Andean root vegetable, and the women of that area are supposed not to suffer from menopausal hot flushes. I posited that the reason for this might be the fact they never reached menopause, succumbing instead to maca poisoning in their mid 40s.

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  1. MENOSAN by Vogel is the answer because as Maca powder is an aphrodisiac, I am not sure that you would be up to the additional pressure ;-)