Friday, 1 May 2015

SNP Longevity in Term Time

Bad news for women - their menfolk are catching up in the longevity stakes. Wonder if this will increase the divorce rate among the elderly?

Was reading an item in the Economist yesterday where an analysis of the SNP manifesto pronounced it overwhelmingly identical to the Labour manifesto, with the exceptions of Trident (where they are not that different) and Scottish Independence. It would transpire that a Labour SNP alliance would not hold the country to ransom, as is commonly suggested in the media, as to do that Sturgeon would have to threaten to vote against her own manifesto on just about every issue - which would surely be suicide. So, if you're a socialist Scot but don't want independence, there's nothing to choose between Labour and SNP and so you may as well vote for a Labour majority.

Was reading a Facebook post by some teacher in Manchester who took her family to Macchu Picchu, Machu Pichu, Machu Piccu - oh dammit - that place in the Andes. She willingly paid her £240 fine and was crowing about the trip's educational value. The facts remain:

  1. She's a teacher and should set an example - and what was she doing being off in term time?
  2. The value of the trip being taken during school time undeniably had more to do with the cost of the trip than its educational value, else she could just as easily have gone during school holiday time (get out of that one, if you can).
  3. The £240 fine was tiny compared to the saving made by travelling during term time.
  4. Macchu Pichu, Machu.... is a theme park now and has the educational value of Alton Towers.

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