Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Political Insurance

Hay added herself to her dad's car insurance policy yesterday and the cost dropped. The same happened last year when I added her to my policy. She asked the telesales woman why the price dropped and was told it was because the risk was spread among more drivers, but that's illogical, as with more drivers the risk of a particular car having an accident must perforce increase.

Russell Brand is apparently telling his adoring and mindless fans to vote Labour. He'll be endorsing products in exchange for money next. Brand and Miliband; one is a politician and the other a comic - not sure which is which though.

Even Steve Coogan is thinking his endorsement will sway voters. The sad thing is that he's probably right when it comes to a certain section of the population.


  1. RB came over to Ireland attempting to mimic the accent - it did him more harm than good - the man is an eejitt !

  2. Only one person can drive the car at a time so surely the rusk is the same

    1. Negative - if my wife drives my car, it's driven twice as much. I only do 3k miles a year.

  3. Oh right. I do about 40,000 so I guess that makes a difference.