Saturday, 2 May 2015

Blending Term Time Holidays

Don't you just wish all these politicians would simply go away and Mrs Queen formed a government herself?

Ref yesterday's post about the teacher who took her kids off school to visit that Andean place I have difficulty spelling - I had a good gander at the Facebook comments and the overwhelming majority of the ones in favour of the "educational value" of taking kids out of school for holidays had atrocious spelling or used text-speak. They obviously got their education while on holiday.

Hay is going a tad daft with the juice thing. Yesterday I tried to get her to use the lawn grass clippings in her juicer - I have so much grass to mow now that composting is no longer an option, unless I want to go commercial with it. She didn't seem impressed with the idea. 

She was in two minds about whether to invest a small fortune in a Nutribullet, so I was tasked with finding a few YouTube videos showing comparisons. This one just shows the dangers of juicing - obviously not good for the waist - however I'm mega impressed with the machine the woman uses. It looks like something from the US defence programme, but is over £400!

These Americans don't half go on  - they're fond of the sound of their own voices and witter on for ten minutes when they could say what needs to be said in two - it infuriates me!

Finally found a half decent video from an good, old fashioned Yorkshire housewife comparing a Nutribullet with other types of blenders. It also could have done with a bit of editing (she constantly disappeared to do the washing up).

The upshot is that the evidence speaks for itself and a £90 Nutribullet has been ordered. It uses the whole fruit (or veg) and doesn't waste the pulp, blending the lot into a smoothie better than a blender alone can manage. I guess it has to do with the shape, being wider at the bottom, creating a better vortex which increases the efficiency of the blending action. I suspect No. 1 Son's ideal juice would be a McDonald's and chips smoothie.

Going to video Hay's dad's girlfriend, Barbara, while cooking something indigenous to Yorkshire and monetise the result. People make fortunes from videoing themselves in their kitchens - I could do one on sourdough bread making, or tool collecting...

Talking of advertising, saw an advert for some concoction called PÜD and wondered if the umlaut was genuine, a play on Müller or an affected metal umlaut. And just who was Uncle Ben?

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