Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Top Gear

I hear the Saudis are advertising for some new executioners. I wonder if Len McClusky will try his hand? He does seem to be doing an admirable job with the Labour Party.

Had an amusing exchange yesterday on eBay with someone who is selling a Mercedes SLK 320 V6 (been looking for one to replace Hay's 230, but eventually gave up after Hay said she'd attend to the slight rust on it). 

He has it on at £4,900, which is over £1k more than market value for a perfect example, which his is not - it has some rust on the wheel arches, which is a common problem with the SLK - they were made when Mercedes lost its reputation for over-engineering their cars (my 300SL is 22 years old and has no rust whatsoever).

I contacted him with some friendly advice on the price, to which he candidly replied that he'd put it on at such a high price in an attempt to show his wife it wasn't worth selling - and so he could keep it. A man after my own heart.

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