Thursday, 21 May 2015

Discriminatory Top Trumps in Yate

Apropos of yesterday's gay cake post - I wonder if we shouldn't have a hierarchy of anti-discrimination. A kind of anti-discrimination Top Trumps.

Some outline rules:
  1. Objective fact trumps philosophy - thus race, gender, sexuality trumps faith.
  2. ......
Hang on - we've run into the gay cake issue already....

However, as A Heron's View pointed out to me yesterday, the matter at hand was actually a mixture of contract law and anti-discriminatory legislation - a contract had been entered into by the bakery and money had been exchanged. That puts a slightly different light on the matter.

I'm all with my friend Steve (no, not in that sense) about the issue being trivialised by this court case over a bloody cake; it's liable to create a backlash. Save the court cases for more serious instances of discrimination.

Imagine a scenario where you're at a disco and it's request time. Gay person asks for a particular track and the DJ replies; "Nah mate - too gay." Discriminatory, or just good musical taste?

Did a search on "motorhome hire in Yate", meaning a motorhome hire business in Yate. Got something back that simply inserts the word Yate into a prepared script. Here's what it said:

About Yate:

Yate is one of the great places located in the county of Gloucestershire in England. Gloucestershire is definitely one of the most popular counties in England and Yate is ideal for motorhome breaks or holidays. And if you decide you want to hire a motorhome in Yate then you will have free reign to visit any location in Yate. Just another benefit of motorhome holidays!

Now if anyone knows Yate they will be rolling on the floor laughing at the thought of any holiday in Yate, never mind about a motorhome one - it's like having a holiday in St Helens. Total anathema.

Yate - ideal holiday destination.

Interestingly, do a Google search with the word Yate and on the images you first get several pages of superyachts - images not exactly synonymous with the town. Yate obviously means yacht in Spanish.

Getting rather fed up with seeing Twittersphere comments about the Tories scrapping human rights. Those commentating have latched on to a popular meme without doing any basic research into what the government actually plans. Comments from air thieves are based on a totally fallacious assumption and flights of paranoid fancy. I despair of the intelligence of the average Brit, I really do. They should try reading the proposals rather than latching on to scare stories. I guess that's the problem with society today - people read rumour and take it as gospel without further analysis or critical thinking. Because of political bias, the left-wing newspapers are guilty of perpetuating the memes.

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