Saturday, 30 May 2015


Overheard while Hay was talking to a male friend who has decided to become a woman.

Hay: "The default for all fetuses is female and it's the lack of something that turns a fetus into a male."

Chairman: "That would that be the brain I suppose?"

We went to our usual dining haunt last night - The Fox And Hounds in Acton Turville. Hay's sea bream was divine and led us to consider a website where you could track your favourite chef as he or she moved from establishment to establishment, We came up with www.StalkYourChef,com.


  1. When you say "Hay's sea bream was divine" does that actually mean that you were both eating off the same plate ? :)

    1. I made a mistake - it was actually sea bass. That aside, she was engaged in feeding 5,000...