Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Sunday Walk

Thought I'd show you our usual Sunday walk from Old Sodbury to Horton and thence Chipping Sodbury. This takes one from the plain, up Cotswold Edge (a large escarpment) and back down onto the plain at Chipping Sodbury. About a couple of hours of walking along some of the most scenic countryside in the southwest.

 View across the Severn plain from Cotswold Edge, with Wales in the remote distance.

Same, but with Hay.

 Entrance to Little Sodbury Manor, a 16th C manor house.

 Old Sodbury to Horton

 At the top of Cotswold Edge.

Cotswold Edge

 Cotswold Edge again.

 And another.

 Cotswold Edge

 Final stretch to Horton

 Entering Horton

 Horton Court - another 16th C manor house, once owned by the Paxtons (of Paxton Letters fame), now owned by the National Trust and hopefully being renovated in the near future.

 Round the back of Horton Court with pond.

 Horton Court from St James the Elder church, which is nextdoor.

 Plaque in Horton church to Baron Carlo de Tuyll, once the owner of Little Sodbury Manor and first husband of a Duchess of Beaufort.

 Horton church.

 Horton School photo from the 1920s (one of Hay's relatives was a Stinchcombe).

 Tomb of a Stinchcombe.

Typical Cotswold stone farmhouse.

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