Thursday, 25 June 2015

Radio Free Sodbury for Rebel Glasto

Overheard last night:

Chairman: "What are you doing? I was going to finish making the dinner myself!"

Hay: "Frying the pork steaks - like I told you."

Chairman: "No you didn't!"

Hay: "I told you three times, and you said Mmmm!"

Chairman: "And what exactly do you think 'Mmmm' means?"

Hay: "That you heard me."

Chairman: "That was your first mistake. 'Mmmm' means no more than I heard you say something, but I haven't a clue as to what it was, as I was otherwise occupied. It's a bloke noise. To hear you I have to be physically looking at you."

One hears (not in the above sense) that an ex governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, has said the Confederate flag doesn't offend him at all. That's hardly surprising - he isn't black and his antecedents weren't slaves.

A couple of years ago Hay converted an old stone chicken shed into a 3m x 2.5m office for her to use while working from home. A change of job rendered it superfluous to requirements, but she decided to rent it out to recoup some of the investment. She was lucky and Malcolm, who runs a local carpet cleaning company, rented it for a year at £200 a month. It was just somewhere his accountant could use for a couple of days a week to do the books. She loved it, as Hay's dad would often come out to chat to her and bring her loads of tea and biscuits.Unfortunately, Malcolm started another business over in Thornbury (he's a serial entrepreneur), which came with plenty of office space, so he vacated it a couple of months ago, since when it's been difficult to get anyone else to take on the lease.

I suggested we target taxi companies, as I could easily give it that air of seediness that private taxi firms seem to attract. The only problem is we'd need to stick a bloody great transmitter on the roof and expand the parking area into a full parking lot. My next thought was to advertise it as a pirate radio station - Radio Free Sodbury. But again, we'd need a whacking great transmitter on the roof.

Talking of music, we're going down to Cornwall for the weekend (Fowey, if you must know), but realised earlier this week that it's Glasto weekend, so the M5 is going to be a total nightmare going on Friday and coming back on Sunday. Not perhaps the best weekend to choose. As if Glasto wasn't big enough already, they've only gone and installed another Pyramid Stage on Ceres.

Here are Hay's instructions to her sister for looking after the house (the cat with wings is obviously Cat, but it looks somewhat evil to me):

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