Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Fragrance of the Top Gear Brit Abroad

It's so easy to spot the Brits in any airport, especially when there's a flight boarding queue - just look for the one with the fat and/or shabbily dressed people - yup, that's the 16:20 EasyJet flight to Bristol. On Thursday evening I went out to dinner with my distributor in Rome and returned to the hotel to find two very drunk, fat, shabbily dressed English women stumbling into the foyer, abusing the concierge in no uncertain terms. Makes you ashamed to be British.

Hay had occasion to go into SuperDrug yesterday. Virtually all the female fragrances on display were endorsed by some celebrity, half of which whose names are totally unknown to me. If the tester smell is anything to go by, most of them smell of fly spray. Should manufacturers wish to use the same sales strategy on men, they'd need to market something like Sump Oil by Guy Martin, or Real Diesel by Fred Dibnah.

While away I heard that Top Gear has appointed an even bigger knobhead than Clarkson as its prime presenter - and a Ginger one to boot, so I guess that will get him some viewers.


  1. I guess that Fred Dinners name would be on a product smelling of steam oil and coal.
    You are right about Top Gear, its almost as if the BBC have decided to press the self destruct button. I was no fan of Clarkson but at least the programming overall made a lot of money. Maybe the BBC think that Clarkson and co will re-appear in some form on another channel and have decided to let it all go.

    1. I guess that's the old predictive text (Fred Dinners)?