Monday, 1 June 2015

Fighting ISIS with Gran

I firmly believe we should be hitting ISIS where it really hurts and start by cutting off their source of finding by boycotting all Mecca bingo halls.

Thought I'd take a leaf from the page of my bloggy pal, Alan Burnett, and post a photo or two from the long distant past of my family.

This first one is of my mother Betty (on the right), who was a triplet, with her mother and 2 other sisters, Suzie and Rene. Gran had 12 or 13 children (not sure of the exact number), and the triplets were not the youngest. She must have been permanently pregnant. This must have been taken in about 1924 and on the 11th of March, which was their birthday.

The Bamber triplets were quite famous in Southport and there's a family tradition that the then Earl of Derby wanted to adopt them. Gran, who in her younger days had been in service with the Earl (where she met my grandfather, who was a chauffeur), refused.

What intrigues me about this photograph is the flag on the pudding. Can anyone throw any light on it?

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