Monday, 15 June 2015

Fighting ISIS

ISIS and other similar organisations obtain the vast majority of the money with which they fund their activities from either oil or drugs.

Makes me wonder whether the best strategy for the West is to dramatically reduce its reliance on middle eastern oil through a greater focus on renewables, combined with an end to the War on Drugs, which is an abysmal failure and serves no purpose than to drive up drug prices.


  1. For the time being we need oil until the electric motored vehicles take over.

    As regards to drugs: I feel that a lot of time, money and energy is being wasted by goverments.Therefore it would be much better to legalise them and draw in a revenue from the VAT that they would generate.

    1. Won't be long for the electric vehicle, but horses are much underrated for short journeys.....

    2. And what are we going to generate the electricity for these motors with?

    3. Hydrogen fuel cell, nuclear fuel cell, batteries recharged by solar or wind or tidal. My house is self sustaining - but only by virtue of the feed-in tariff. We're not far off, but need serious government backing.