Saturday, 13 June 2015

Migrants, Parents & Weather

Was watching a BBC news item last night about the way in which Australia treats refugees and economic migrants by paying Papua New Guinea to take them.  Perhaps we should take a leaf from their book and place our economic migrants somewhere nasty, like Blackburn, or even Scotland. Actually, Scotland may be a bit too much and would probably lead to all manner of accusations of them being denied basic human rights.

Seriously though, even though I consider myself a liberal, we simply can't accept untold numbers of migrants without an unwanted effect on locals and public services wherever they are housed - that has been proven in Greece and Italy. The strategy must be to deter them coming in the first place. To do otherwise would result in more coming, riots in the affected areas and the rise of extreme right wing parties.

The case of Rebecca Minnock and her son, Ethan, seems to be drawing to a close and perversely she seems to be garnering public support for her case, which seems to be that it's OK to alienate a child from its father. No-one seems to deny she's a good mother, but parental alienation and purposely blocking parental access to a child is a serious matter and is almost exclusively a female trait.

What with all this bad weather, I wonder how long it will take to find the tourists who caused it by posing for naked photographs in Castle Combe?


  1. Re- migrants please read

    1. What's strange is that they go not to other stable countries nearby, but Europe.