Friday, 19 June 2015

When in Rome

Trundling a wheeled briefcase around the inner suburbs of Rome produces somewhat similar effects to trundling the same around the streets of Piraeus - before long the wheels are either abraded to uselessness, or they drop off. The pavements here leave a lot to be desired. The only solution is to walk along the road, but then you're open season for all the cars and scooters as they vie in striking you a glancing blow, or even a direct hit.

Went to see the Italian Navy yesterday, a longstanding customer, and had to do the usual security stuff. Given they receive delegations from all over the world, you'd think they'd put someone on reception who spoke English, but no. Imagine Cissy and Ada of Les Dawson Show fame, but Italian and with no English at all. It was like a bloody pantomime.

You have to admire the Italians: while it's illegal, but possible to drive a car and talk on a mobile phone (especially in an automatic), I somehow imagined it was totally impossible to do so while riding a scooter - until yesterday that is. I was advised by my distributor here that it's not uncommon to see someone riding a scooter talking into a mobile phone and smoking at the same time.

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