Sunday, 28 June 2015

Gregg's, Fowey, Kayaks and Kanye

Ever been to Exeter Services on the M5? The roundabout there is a bloody nightmare - I defy anyone to negotiate it without losing their direction and having to go round twice. Stopped off there on the way down to Fowey on Friday and I take back everything I ever said about Gregg's - £3 for a bacon butty and a drink (and both were excellent), whereas Costa Packet do just a coffee for £3.

We passed a lorry with a sign on the side saying "Peter Green Chilled". Well, that goes without saying. He spent most of the 70s and 80s like that.

Hay and I hired a couple of sit-on kayaks yesterday afternoon and spent 3 or 4 enjoyable hours paddling round the creeks. Stopped off at the Old Ferry Inn for lunch, but my shorts were soaked and I had to explain that sit-on kayaks have lots of holes in the bottom and it wasn't me just being of a certain age. Hay now wants to buy a kayak or two from eBay. At last, something I can use the trailer for.

Hay was watching some Glasto on TV last night while I dropped off to sleep. I awoke to rather a lot of swearing coming from the TV - Kanye West, apparently (never heard any of his stuff previously). I asked Hay to turn it off - if the bloke can do nothing but swear while singing, then I don't think that's in keeping with Glasto. The bloke is an utter prat.

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