Monday, 29 June 2015

WCs, More Kayaks and Glasto

Is it only ever male public toilets that are closed due to vandalisation? It certainly seem that way.

Had a good long weekend in Fowey - met up with No.2 Son in Truro for the first time in some 8 years; a great, if somewhat brief reunion. On the basis of the kayaking stint we did on the River Fowey on Saturday, Hay bought a couple of sit-on kayaks from eBay yesterday - seems I'm destined to get a bit more active on future trips to Cornwall, but now to figure out how we transport them using one or t'other of the sports cars - neither are capable of accommodating a roof rack and I'm reluctant to put a tow bar on either for the trailer.

Didn't stay up to watch The Who's Glasto set (they never were really one of my favourite bands), but did watch Lionel Richie - marvelous! Heard the sad news that Chris Squire of Yes died yesterday. Yes' early stuff was among the soundtracks to my youth - specifically Yes Album.

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  1. You could always strap it across the boot as such...

    (or failing that, rig it as a kind of mainmast but avoid bridges) ;)