Sunday, 14 June 2015


Just a thought - if Nigel Farage doesn't like foreigners that much, shouldn't he call himself Nigel Farridge?

While we were up north we passed a place called Eldroth, which sounded as if it was somewhere in Middle Earth. As it happened, when we were walking the Clapham Nature Trail, Hay spotted something glinting gold in a stream. Hissing; "My precious", she waded into the stream to discover it was a 10p piece which the brown colour of the water made look as if it was gold.


  1. Now there's an idea eject all of those people with non British names ~ there would then be plenty of room for the native stock!

  2. That's just one example :)
    Am sure there are many others ?

    1. Well, the good old Saxon name of Van Begren can't be one of them.....