Thursday, 4 June 2015

Mudguards, Decades Apart

These couple of photos are juxtaposed in a trip down memory lane.

The first one is a studio shot of my father (on the left), with one of his brothers (not sure which of the two brothers) and taken around 1923 or thereabouts.

This next one is of me (left) in Holland with one of my Dutch cousins circa 1964.

Forgot to post images of the finished oil drum mudguards on the trailer.

In situ, having used the new pneumatic pop riveter, which was magic.

The finished article, painted in a nice National Trust colour in keeping with the locale.


  1. That first photograph is fit for a Sepia Saturday entry. Does the sea slope in Holland?

    1. Curvature of the earth, Alan, curvature of the earth....

  2. I presume that you treated the undersides of those wonderful wheel arches with underseal did you ?