Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Boxing Class

Last night the local news was highlighting a Bristol boxer who has just won some title. I got to wondering why, when universities and public schools have boxing clubs, top boxers are almost without exception from impoverished backgrounds. You never hear of a top boxer called Dr So-and-so.

I guess it must be that well educated amateurs have alternative ways of making money and are deterred from a boxing career by the many years of training while earning nothing, along with the attendant low probability of actually making it to the very top. The disadvantaged boxer, with little alternative, perhaps has nothing to lose and hence is more willing to take the gamble.

Yet, that said, there are many top athletes who do some from privileged backgrounds, but not boxers. Answers on a postcard.


  1. Answer is now on a postcard and in the post to you.

  2. All people are made of the same stuff, but, there are more boxing clubs than 12-metre yachting clubs in the underprivileged areas of towns and cities...

    It's primarily about the barrier to entry perhaps?

    1. The poor end of Old Sodbury has only bay mares for hunting - poor devils.