Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cheap is as Cheap Does

Been wracking my brain over the provision of some form of entertainment for the wedding.
  1. Can't stage an EU In/Out debate among the guests, as it'll be all over by September,
  2. A band - but it's about £500 for a mediocre one and over £2k for a good one,
  3. A sword swallower may make the guests gag during the meal,
  4. A stage hypnotists may produce unwanted embarrassments,
  5. Comedians are quite expensive and don't tend to do a single 20 minute set.
Some low-cost ideas please.

Oh dear, that's my sales and marketing head speaking - what I mean is some cheap ideas please.

Have you noticed that while some industries shy away from using the word cheap, it's is used with abandon in the insurance world? Cheap seems to be more prevalent in generic, undifferentiated and commoditised markets.


  1. The expression is 'value for money'...anything less than Spider Webb, PEA Brown and Ken Huggins would be slumming it! :-)

    1. I seem to remember a similar band comprising the first and last of those, but with a Bill Philp (who I believe is now sadly dead). Wasn't the band name Dire Menai Straits>

  2. Peabrain was the drummer...I believe Bill died in a car accident not many years after leaving...Ken would know. They could perform 'Menai for nothing'?