Sunday, 29 May 2016

Marketing Universal Bands

This last week I've been putting the old Merc at the end of our track, as we have a good record of selling cars there due to the fact we're on the main road into Yate and beyond and catch all the people travelling into and from work, but it hasn't produced much interest. It suddenly struck me that I had the marketing all wrong - the car is a convertible, but I left it with the hard top on. I may prefer its looks with the hard top, but the whole proposition behind the car is the fact it's a drophead. Took the hard top off yesterday morning and I had a steady stream of people calling to ask questions about it. Got at least two people very interested. Now was that because of the Bank Holiday weekend, or due to the Merc looking attractive as summer car - I suspect the latter.

I misheard something Hay said last night while we were watching some 70s rock videos on YouTube (we don't watch TV on a Saturday night anymore - it's just so dire). The upshot is that we developed a new name for a band - Icarus Puss-Puss.

I created two new universes yesterday - key based and vaping stick based..

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