Monday, 2 May 2016

SL Kitty Igloo on the BBC

Made it to Wrexham and back in under 7 hours and bought the 500SL. The previous owner is delivering it next weekend on his way to Devizes. It's not as pristine as my 300SL, but it won't take much to get it up to scratch. Looks like the 300SL will be going on eBay shortly. Anyone want to  buy a spotless 1994 Merc 300SL for £5k?

The curious thing is that there were 12,000 R129 300SLs made, which, when you consider the 75,000 production run of the R129 500SL, would make you think the 300 is worth more from a rarity perspective, but the 500SL is much more highly sought after. Just shows that rarity is not always the determining factor in value when it comes to classic cars.

The government has told the BBC not to air popular shows at the same time as independent TV's hit shows as it adversely impacts their advertising revenues. One could be tempted to think the government is trying to destroy the BBC, or at the very least some government members have shares in the independent channels. Surely not?

Hayley bought Kitty an igloo.

It has been located amongs the oak beams upstairs, which is her favourite vantage point.

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