Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Save a Few Bob

I don't use mouthwash - but there again I don't have that many teeth.

The BBC News website has an item today about how GSK uses shock tactics to advertise Corsodyl - you know, the advert where a woman dreams she's losing her teeth. Corsodyl uses 'chlorhexidine digluconate, an antibacterial agent also used in other generic mouthwashes'.

Now GSK has spent millions on the advert, which is obviously passed on through the price of the product. Given the active ingredient is the same as in 'other generic mouthwashes', just use 'other generic mouthwashes' and save yourself a packet Simples!

Some of things you can ditch as being valueless, according to Imperial College, are flossing, cough syrup, pro-biotic yoghurts, calcium pills and fish oils.

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