Thursday, 5 May 2016

Overheard in the Chemist

Chairman: "Hello, I can't remember whether I ordered a repeat prescription last week. Could you just check for me?"

Chemist's Assistant: "I'm afraid I can find nothing in the box for you."

Chairman: "Damn - well it was my Alzheimer's medication."

Funny look from Chemist's Assistant...

Got the train to London yesterday for a couple of days of meetings and spotted a chap on the platform at Bristol in shorts with two prosthetic legs. I was intrigued by the artificial legs, which seemed to be powered, and struck up a conversation with him. He told me they had microprocessors and pistons, which provided shock absorbency and aided stability, but they didn't provide full mobility, as evidenced when he had to lever himself up into the train. When I asked him how he came to lose his legs he said Afghanistan. It was good to see how technology is keeping people such as him out of wheelchairs.

One of the chaps I was meeting yesterday was an Israeli (I never seem to shake them off) and following the meeting, my colleague and I offered to take him to dinner, but as an observant Jew, it had to be a kosher restaurant. Not a problem in London, you'd think. The first one was closed for some reason, so we had to head into West Hampstead from near the IoD in Pal Mall. There was security on the door of the restaurant and it was like going through airport security. The food was delicious, but with the exception of halibut and red snapper, there was no meat on the menu - lots of salads and dippy things. I left feeling as hungry as when I entered and today is the 2nd of my 5/2 skinny days.

The visit to London reminded me why I left London to live in the country. I thought the Congestion Charge was meant to reduce traffic in London - it's much busier that I remember it from 20 years ago. The Congestion Charge has resulted in precisely nothing - it's just another tax, although I suppose it has reduced the number of poor people driving into the city. Traffic is usually self-limiting anyway, as, if it takes yo forever to reach your destination, you simply won't use a car in the first place.

Voting in council elections and for the PCC today. I have no idea about any of the candidates in either, with the exception of Sue Mountjoy, the current PCC for our area, and that's only because she's on TV quite a lot. I have no idea at all whether she has produced any positive benefits for the area. We need a PCCC to give us some statistics.

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