Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Customer Service Trade Deficit

Overheard while calling Adrian Flux Insurance:

Pre-Recorded Voice: "Your custom is important to us, We at Adrian Flux treat you as an individual."

10 minutes later.

Pre-Recorded Voice: "Your custom is important to us. We at Adrian Flux treat you as an individual."

Spotted this on the BBC News website yesterday:

So if the EU favours the wealthy Duncan Smith, why is he so against it?

The Leave campaign is saying; "The UK's trade deficit with the European Union is at a record high ahead of the EU referendum in June. The facts are clear - we buy much more from the EU than they buy from us. We are their number one customer. This puts us in a very strong negotiating position if we vote to Leave in the forthcoming referendum - a free trade deal is definite."

Now call me simple or call me stupid, but if you're European and the prices of UK goods go up by 10% due to them having tariffs imposed on them, would you continue to buy British, or would you buy from a European supplier? There's not much we make or provide that's unique to the UK.

There's also the little fact that 50% of our exports are insurance and financial services. Does anyone think the notoriously fickle and self-serving finance industry will remain in London and not move to Frankfurt? The only thing that would convince them to remain in London would be tax concessions.

Also, and most importantly, I don't think European politicians give a toss about the UK's custom - it's not the customers in the EU making the decisions and I can't see concessions being made for the UK which could feasibly lead to the complete breakup of the EU as others jump on the bandwagon.

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